Henley-on-Mersey Australia Day Festival at Bells Parade
$1 - $5
Wed Jan 26th, 2022

Henley-on-Mersey Australia Day Festival
Bells Parade

Celebrate Australia's proud heritage and pioneering spirit as well as our unique quirkiness at Henley-on-Mersey.
Try your hand at archery, whip cracking, sheaf tossing, egg throwing and the hurdy-gurdy.
A major feature of our program is the annual ferret races; this involves the ferrets being placed in one end of a long pipe that traverses up and down and around hay bales, with the first ferret to fully emerge from the pipe at the other end being the winner.
There are quite some anxious moments when the ferret starts to emerge, the crowd roars with delight and the ferret promptly retreats back into the pipe. There is also the delightful ferret fashion parade and ferret 'chocolate wheel' in which visitors and participants can win great prizes.

Address: Bells Parade, Latrobe 7307
Price: $1 - $5
Date: Wednesday Jan 26th, 2022 9:00am to 4:00pm
Bells Parade
Bells Parade, Latrobe 7307 Tasmania